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Proudly Serving Chico

SINCE 1888

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2024 Chico Color Fun Run


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Solid Rock Academy

Using Music to Inspire

Wherever there is a need in chico, you'll find The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in Chico, California is dedicated to uplifting the community through a range of programs rooted in Christian values. Their food bank ensures that families facing food insecurity have access to nutritious meals. Meanwhile, the Solid Rock Music Academy provides youth with a creative outlet and valuable skills. Beyond material support, the Salvation Army's church offers spiritual guidance and a sense of belonging. Through community programs like family services and youth outreach, they address diverse needs and foster a sense of unity. By embodying compassion and resilience, the Salvation Army Chico serves as a beacon of hope, making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families throughout the area.

(530) 342-1871
Lieutenants Jeffrey & Kristin Boyd: