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Adult Rehabilitation Program Image

Adult Rehabilitation Program

The George Walker Center Adult Rehabilitation Program provides a 6-month residential treatment program to men and women looking to overcome addiction.

The George Walker Center Adult Rehabilitation Program provides a 6-month residential treatment program including components of counseling, work therapy, 12-step recovery coursework, as well as classes in chemical dependency, parenting, anger management and addiction studies to men and women who could not otherwise afford rehabilitation services. Since its inception, the Adult Rehabilitation Program (ARP) has consistently provided treatment services to an average of 200 individuals annually and has successfully graduated over 300 individuals so far.

Meet Leo, ARP Honors Graduate

Leo has since gained employment, lives clean and sober and remains an ever-present support to the men currently in the program. He volunteers his time to work with youth, providing his experience, strength, and hope to those who have experienced the hopelessness the Leo has seen in his life. It is his prayer that those who follow in his footsteps "stay connected, take the advice of others and admit that they are not ready and still need help." He goes on to say, "The help comes only from the Lord if you take the time to listen."


Many of the ARP beneficiaries are in the process of family reunification and court-ordered probation/parole. One of the goals of The Salvation Army is to restore people to productive living. We have long realized the importance of balance in the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a person's life. When this balance is achieved, the problems associated with addictive behaviors can be overcome. The ARP is a place of hope and new beginnings for those who suffer from substance abuse problems, and the myriad of issues associated with this disease. We know recovery does happen! Competent and professional staff are here to assist in this difficult task of recovery and re-entry to society.

Recovery Program

Recovering from substance abuse is gradually attained by:

  - Practical approaches to chemical dependency

  - Increasing self-awareness and spiritual wholeness

  - Becoming responsible for one's own actions

  - Developing solid coping skills

  - Changing destructive behavior patterns

  - Replacing old habits with new, positive ones

  - On-going 12 step involvement

The Adult Rehabilitation Program is located at 13404 Browns Valley Drive, Chico, CA 95973.

Please call (530) 342-2199 for more information regarding the program.